Welcome to Isehara City!

Isehara is surrounded by rich nature, located just an hour away from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Railway Line.
Isehara is well known as one of the “fruit villages” of Kanagawa prefecture with its flourishing fruit orchards and livestock, thanks to the area’s natural blessings and mild climate.
Mt. Oyama, also known as the “Mt. Amefuriyama ( rain falling mountain)”, rises in the northwest. This area has a long history of pilgrimages to the mountain peak.
At the foot of the mountain is Takabeya, where you can find Hinata Yakushi Temple, one of Japan’s three medicinal herbs.
Hibita area, there is Sannomiya Hibita Shrine, which enshrines the god of Japanese Sake brewing. And in this area, there are many ancient ruins, and the only one Sake brewery in the city.
The commercial area of Isehara Ekimae is full of shops and eateries. It’s also the site of the annual Isehara Kanko Doukan Festival, the city’s largest event.
In the Ota/ Naruse area, with the peaceful landscape of fields and ranches, you can enjoy moss phlox in spring.
Each area has its own unique charm, with a rich sense of nature and history.

Isehara City!
Isehara Station


Car It’s not possible to go up the Tomei Expressway ( from Nagoya direction ) to the New Tomei Expressway Isehara Oyama IC.